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VR‐MAX™, established in 1997, is a division of Sinard Marketing Inc., which has been in continuous operation since 1981.

Home Office:
3060 Rosewood LN N
Minneapolis, MN 55441

Phone: 612.338.7771


We are marketing experts who tell brand-driven stories using larger-than-life, stop-them-in-their-tracks technologies. We help businesses "Own the Show!"

At VR-MAX our fundamental drive - our reason d'etre – is to creatively use extraordinary technologies to attract, enthrall, delight; to open eyes and minds to wonder; to create an experience worthy of Arthur C. Clarke's famous quote, that "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Our media:
  • IMMERSIVE DOME PRODUCTIONS: We have become the world's most awarded and experienced producer of said productions for Business Clients
  • CUSTOM INTERACTIVE SURFACES: We represent Zack Booth-Simpson, one of the world's major innovators in this field
  • KINETIC SCULPUTRES: it is our innovations to apply kinetic art for business use - a new and exciting field
  • CAVE: We have followed the inventions by Tom DeFanti and Dan Sandin since the 1970s, and help connect companies with their state-of-the-art visualization labs
  • BOOTH DESIGN: our clients rave about our award winning giveaways, posters and booth design
  • VIDEO PRODUCTION & ANIMATION: our pedigree includes TV News, PBS, CNN, MTV and a variety of other commercial and non-commercial outlets; we are one of the world's most award-winning creators of Business Videos.

VR-MAX is a division of Sinard Marketing Inc. - a brandsavvy company which has been in continuous operation since 1981. Our pedigree includes strategic planning, branding and tactical execution, particularly through digital video, interactive websites, social media and design. Sinard's Production group has 25 awards in 31 years, with experience producing works shown on MTV, PBS, CNN and more.

Own the show! Stop your prospect in their tracks by extending your brand through extraordinary technologies. Put the awe back in awesome.

Contact VR-MAX today.