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DISNEY uses domes. NASA uses domes. Our clients use domes.
Your turn.

Dome Rental Basics
VR-MAX has an Elumenati Portal OpenDome available for rent. Specs:
  • Dimensions: 16’8”W x 10'3”H x 9'2”D
  • Occupancy: 8 seated; more if standing, or if the dome is cantilevered planetarium-style
  • With our 1800 lumen projector, $1,750/day* for pitch black theaters
  • With our 4,000 lumen projector, $2,000/day* for low light theaters
  • Screen weight: 75 pounds
  • All systems include screen & projector (two 110v outlets required)

Due to the wide variance in customer needs, audio, computer or other systems are not included and are optional. Carpeting preferred. Staffing is $150/hour.* Setup/teardown, shipping, drayage, etc. paid by Lessee.

NOTE: The Elumenati OpenDome Theater is self-contained and can be used in nearly any kind of light. The Portal is not self-contained – light sheltering is required. Direct sunlight or unsheltered situations are not allowed.


Buzz. Delight. Street Appeal. Drawing Power.

Interactive Art Surfaces Rent/Purchase

VR-MAX has a library of pre-existing interactive art works (Gesture Projections) including Mariposa – our famous interactive butterflies. These are road-tested and proven to engage audiences of all sorts. They are available for $7,500/month/per artwork*.

Other works include musical interactions, science puzzles, abstractions, etc. We also have works that can be projected onto floors. Please contact us for details.

These works are not available for sale except for Children’s Hospitals.


The picture above is all liquid. All of it.
It swirls, it climbs, it protrudes.
It’s magic.

Kinetic Sculpture Rent/Purchase

A custom display of Ferro Fluid (ferric oxide imbued oil) is generally 3 to 4 feet wide and 4 to 5 feet long. The liquid is “hooked up” to sensors that “translate” motion, vibration – anything – into a signal. The result is oil that creeps, slides or runs up a pole, or even leaps from one pole to another. The price of a custom installation will likely be in the neighborhood of $100,000.*

To purchase a Ferro Fluid Tower, please contact me for details. The tower runs approximately $12,000.*

All pricing is current as of September 2013, but is subject to change without notice. Nothing in this pdf constitutes a promise or contract.