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VR-MAX is a certified re-seller for Elumenati – the preeminent designer and engineer of portable and semi-permanent immersive installations. Together we develop elegantly simple, effective systems and novel applications of immersion and interactivity. Elumenati systems, pictured here, are the most effective and accessible solutions on the market. Features Include:

  • Rapidly deployable – one person can set up and take down
  • Durable fire retardant materials for indoor use
  • Brandable – materials can be customized with logo, color and concepts
  • Open design for easy wheelchair and adult access

The Theater is a fully enclosed dome with a 25′ diameter and a height of 13′. Setup takes 15 minutes, and its open doorway is uniquely accessible. The TrojanDome is a fully branded Elumenati Theater.

Download The Theater Brochure


The Portal, a truncated dome 13′ wide and 9′ high, can be oriented vertically, for audiences facing forward, or horizontally, for overhead viewing.

A Portal of varying sizes has been used by Ecolab, USG, and Pfizer to name a few. It is available for rent.

Download Portal Brochure


Designed to fit in rooms with an 8′ ceiling, the Panorama is the perfect environment for flight, driving, and training simulations that require wrap-around views.

Download Panorama Brochure

Elumenati Cobra Cobra Individual Dome

Need an individual dome? Nothing on the market is better than the Cobra. The system includes a 1.5m seamless screen, a 3,200 lumens 1920x1080 projector, and custom features. Please note the Cobra is not considered a portable system – it is better suited for tabletop or kiosk display.

Custom Immersive Environments and Domes

The TrojanDome, pictured at the top of this page, is a fantastically successful example of a customized Theater. Highly branded, with a 9’ high entrance and exit, it toured the US for 8 years, showing our VR-MAX produced content to 750,000 people.

The Custom Immersive Installation pictured on the left is in the Field Museum, Chicago. It features a custom facade and a Slurpee®-resistant projection case. Our largest installation (not pictured) houses 100+ people at a time in a 360-degree, semi-portable fabric-screened panorama, 42 ft in diameter and 16 ft high. By using four OmniFocus 600 series projection systems – two per screen – we achieved 4k resolution, with active stereo content. Capitalizing on the unique features of OmniFocus projection systems, guests could stand as close as 4 ft to the screens without casting shadows, all from a single PC.

What was the price for something like this? Call us with your project specifications and we’ll discuss price-points based on the environment and content you wish to show!

Elumenati Projectors and Software

VR-MAX represents the entire Elumenati product line, which includes the world's most advanced, accurate patented lens and warping software.

Contact VR-MAX for your new corporate theater, content and service.