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Colangelo Advertising: People "waited twenty minutes in line just to check it out." "It rocks!!!! I love it!!! The boss loved it!! Great job!"
USG: "We drew the audience to our [off-site] showroom at NeoCon where we were able to deliver a consistent message that married the way our audience thinks and with a quality delivery … It was awesome."

Ecolab: "It really worked to draw people [at World Wide Food] — we successfully used the Dome to capture our audience " ...
[it was] highly appropriate for us as a global market leader.
These examples are shown in linear fashion, as a continuous animation. We can provide medical animation, architectural walk-thrus, engineering simulations, engineering models, pharmaceutical simulation, etc. Thank you to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, for graciously allowing us to present the work of Erik Knisely, our master of all things VR and Simulation.
Animation for Colangelo Advertising/Church & Dwight

A vertigo-inducing 4D-style thrill ride animation was our suggestion for Trojans 20-something audience at the Vans Warped Tour, a nationwide punk rock and skate lifestyle event series. As noted, the BUZZ generated was so strong, they were willing to wait 20+ minutes in line to get in. Read more about their 70,000+/year attendance at Dome Case Study! All Trojan Animations are Telly and Pixie Award Winners

Live Capture Video for Ecolab and USG

"Awesome!" said USG's Director of Marketing. "We drew the audience to our showroom at NEOCON where we were able to deliver a consistent message that married the way our audience thinks and with a quality delivery. A halo effect was that VR-MAX turned the presentation into a DVD that delivered the same quality message and differentiation of our product."

"[We wanted] a unique, cutting edge technology that would be appropriate for a global market leader," said Ecolab's Marketing Manager at World Wide Food. "It really worked to draw people into the theatre. It wasn't just a curiosity—it was a very effective tool … which resulted in many qualified leads." It was part of a significant branding campaign - ads, direct mail, brochures and their booth.

Both USG and Ecolab won Telly Awards.

Non-Linear, Real-Time Virtual Reality

Dome enabled virtual reality frees researchers from headsets, goggles and tiny screens, and allows them to interact with their inventions and concepts in real time. This allows for thorough concentration in a manner not possible on a small, flat screen, or without the encumbrance and fatigue of a Head Mounted Display.



Elumenti installations are seen by millions of people every year. Click on any of the images below to see examples of their work.