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The ad uses ferrofluid as a captivating effect. Neither we, nor the sculptor, created the ad.
Ferrofluid Sculptures by Sachiko Kodama
Sachiko Kodama's Morpho Tower

It started as a puddle.
Then it changed shape when commanded.

The most common reaction: "I love this! What is it?" Then they start texting. Apparently what they text is "You have to see this."

Throngs appear. Crowds, to see oil imbued with ferric oxide respond to magnetic commands.

This is a Kinetic Sculpture by Sachiko Kodama, whose towers and interactive displays have awed audience in the US and Japan. It is available as a stand-alone or as a custom-made interactive version, which responds to audience-created vibrations - music, drumming, even proximity.

Look at the videos, and imagine what you would do if you saw a shape rising up out of a smooth, still pool of black oil. You could not ignore it.

About Kinetic (moving) Sculptures

Kinetic Sculptures, such as mobiles, engage people unlike any other art form. Sachiko's work is one of many we're aware of, which will captivate prospects in their tracks, and allow you start your conversation with, and capture, prospects. Call us about Kinetic Art, and how it can help you.