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Everyone understands the power of video (and animation). The trick is, to get people to take the time to watch it. That's one reason we work with Domes! There is no more powerful method of attracting people than to set up a large mysterious theater and put an immersive video inside. Disney knows this (and now the secret is out!).


Even an "ordinary" video isn't just a video - it's a key part of your brand position. To extend your position, we create videos to satisfy what the prospect wants - to satisfy a want. Whether the purpose is to gain attention or to inform, our video's extend the best of your brand position with elegance and relevance.

Which is why people watch our videos (we are one of the most awarded marketing companies in this category). We go beyond story-telling, and position you relative to competitors, customer expectations and market trends. That's how we make "ordinary" videos extraordinary.

Affordable, effective videos and animations for booths, giveaways, websites or giant screen theaters.

Event Documents

Need your event documented? We can have your event highlights online or on DVDs ready to hand out by end-of-day!

3D VIDEO and Stereoscopic Photography

3D, whether experienced in a dome, on a monitor, or through a stereoscopic viewer, is a trully wondrous, experience, which is why it keeps "coming back". For science or entertainment, on a flat screen or a dome, we can shoot 3D without breaking your budget. See some simple examples of 3D stereoscopic photos, which have been at our Sinard.com site since 1997!