360 Video

We filmed BIG SHARKS as we tested a new 360 underwater camera!
– Images shot by our partners in the Caribbean. We’d be glad to introduce you!


NASA refined it.
Disney made it popular.
Your turn. Use 360 video to Own the Show!

360 video is “hot” (again!). But because most people ignore the “rear” video of a 360 video production, you need a company that thinks in 360, a company that can use the “rear” view effectively, so that audiences are engaged in a way that makes the 360 experience more than can be shown on a fulldome, Planetarium, or IMAX Dome.

Whether a Planetarium or Business, if you’re in need of 360 video, and how to use it effectively, you will find a VR-MAX fulldome production


People aren’t fish.
They don’t see in a 360 degree field of view.
Human eyes are designed to look forward, left, right, up, down.
Not backwards. “Looking backwards is annoying.”
Our job is to make looking back something other than annoying.