Fulldome Production

Reactions to “The TrojanDome” –  a 180º Video and Animation created for Trojan Condoms, a product of Church & Dwight (CHD Fortune 500). Agency: Colangelo SM. See Case Study for more on this virtual reality video.



Immersive video in a fulldome typically shows 180 or 220 degrees of a 360 video or virtual reality production. Research shows that most people look forward, up, down, left and right. They largely ignoring the “rear” view of 360 videos. Domes take full advantage of this, and fill the viewers peripheral vision, which googles don’t do.

For decades, fulldomes (IMAX Dome, Planetariums, various Disney rides) have used domes to create a “Wow” experience for general audiences. The U.S. military have used domes for training recruits. Why?

Immersion that fills 180 degree of a person’s field of view tricks their perceptions into reacting as though “this is real”
Immersion induces a physical feeling (presence, vertigo)
These combine to create an indelible impression

Marketers and Planetariums can provide a 4D experience (an amusement park ride) even without a motion platform. In fact, if you want “The Harry Potter Experience,” we can provide it, because our extended family includes the most experienced 4D producers in the world.

An overview of 180º Video and Immersive Animation as created for several Fortune 1000 businesses. This content creation was designed for Fulldome presentations.

Whether a Planetarium show hoping for measurable educational retention, or businesses looking for marketing or training results, you will find a VR-MAX fulldome production