Immersive Content Creation


We filmed BIG SHARKS as we tested a new 360 underwater camera!
– Images shot by our partners in the Caribbean. We’d be glad to introduce you!

“360 degree video, VR and dome production is more than a lens – it’s a way of thinking.”

Disney made it popular.
NASA refined it for training.
Your turn. Own the Show!

360 degree video production is more than just a lens – it’s an unframed frame of mind. It’s a quantum leap beyond flat screens.

– Immersion that fills 180 degree of a person’s field of view tricks their perceptions into thinking “this is real”

– Immersion induces a physical feeling (presence, vertigo)

We are a 360 video company that goes beyond 360. Even without a motion platform, we can provide a 4D experience. If you want “The Harry Potter Experience,” we can provide it (our extended family includes the most experienced 4D producers in the world).


Ractions to “The TrojanDome” – a 180º Video and Animation created for Trojan Condoms, a product of Church & Dwight (CHD Fortune 500). Agency: Colangelo SM. See Case Study for more on this virtual reality video.


“People were lining up 20 minutes early to see the show. The response has been fantastic.”


Immersive Video in a Fulldome allows a social gathering headsets can’t. Showing your architectural walk-thru in a theatrical setting, or your immersive medical demonstration at an exhibit or exploring engineering designs together at your R&D facility requires a physical collaborative space.

Domes allow people to experience your marketing, R&D, design, Planetarium show – your work – together.


An overview of 180º Video and Immersive Animation as created for several Fortune 1000 businesses. This content creation was designed for Fulldome presentations.

Our thanks to Iowa State University for allowing us to create the video about their CAVE, as our Virtual Reality sample. The C6 CAVE at ISU displays over 16.7 million pixels per wall (4096 x 4096). Forty‐eight dual‐CPU workstations send images to 24 Sony SRX-S105 digital cinema projectors, providing an intensely detailed, high‐resolution, immersive experience for researchers and other participants. Photo: Cameron Campbell


“I have been on the Holodeck, and it is wondrous.”


Virtual reality production is used to train pilots in a multi-million dollar flight simulators; or train Medics to save a life on the field of battle.

We are one of those vr content companies. We can help you

– visualize complex mathematics or engineering data

– give your prospects at a Trade Show a customized game to play

The former need to be “virtually” indistinguishable from reality. The latter are the opposite.

Virtual Reality.


This video is a compilation of virtual reality production as shown through a variety of immersive media – mostly on inflatable planetarium or other 360 degree video medium.

Our thanks to our friends at Chapel Hill for allowing us to use many examples of their virtual reality production and other immersive media.