Immersive Media Services

This video is a compilation of virtual reality production as shown through a variety of immersive media – mostly an inflatable planetarium.

VR-MAX specializes in immersive media production services, including fulldome production, 360 video, and virtual reality. Marketers wow their clients with our productions, and now we offer planetarium productions for public education. Our services:


Immersive Video in a Fulldome allows a social gathering headsets can’t. Domes allow people to experience your marketing, R&D, design, Planetarium show – your work – together, unencumbered by a headset.

After 20+ years of continuous operation, we are one of the most experienced fulldome production companies for business in the United States.


360 degree video production is more than just a lens – it’s an unframed frame of mind. It’s a quantum leap beyond flat screens, whether shown through goggles or with all the advantages of a fulldome.

But most people look forward, up, down, left and right. So, you need a company that knows how to make 360 effective; make it work.


To us, virtual reality is simulation. We work with the same people who train pilots in a multi-million dollar flight simulators; or train Medics to save a life on the field of battle.

Such high-end work is usually presented in Fulldome theaters or CAVE’s.

Yet, that same technology can be used in fulldomes for business R&D and marketing; for Planetarium educational productions; or shown as games through VR goggle.