Interactive Art

Indistinguishable from Magic

Mariposa (“Butterflies”) Interactive Wall
That we represent the interactive projection artwork of Zack Booth-Simpson to the commercial world, is no accident. Sometimes challenging, always mesmerizing, Mr. Simpson’s work combines the most sophisticated content, with the most simple setup.Interact as virtual butterflies flit about, and land on arms, shoulders and heads. Virtual sand, which falls from above, can be caught, steered and compacted. Slowly falling virtual balloons can be moved up, broken in two, rejoined.In a world of derivative work, Zack’s work stands apart.

There aren’t many people who wouldn’t wonder, “What IS this?” And most of those will tell everyone they know, “You gotta see this.”

Sachiko Kodama’s Interactive Art

It was a technology convention. Throngs were gathered around a large black puddle. Someone knocked on the container’s frame’ and the puddle moved. Others knocked, and the puddle changed shape.

It was responding to commands.

The crowd around this interactive art installation was never less than three deep.

The most common reaction: “I love this! What is it?” Then they start texting. Apparently what they text is “You have to see this.”

This is a stand-alone sculpture, available for purchase. Contact us for further information.

This is an interactive artwork by Sachiko Kodama, whose
towers and interactive displays have awed audience in the US and Japan. It is available as a stand-alone or as a custom-made versions, which responds to audience-created vibrations – music, drumming, even proximity.

Contact us for more information.