Touring a Fulldome


Reactions to the “TrojanDome” were absolutely phenomenal. An unequivocal success, from a brand, numbers and aesthetic success.


With prime-time network advertising restrictions still in effect, Trojan Condoms’ agency, Colangelo SM (Omnicom), hired VR-MAX to extend their “Evolve” campaign with a blatant, unabashed, unapologetic immersive full dome production to educate their audience about Sexually Transmitted Infections through blatant and unapologetic entertainment about Prophylactics — a taboo subject which is therefore very popular.

To make the experience unforgettable, a vertigo-inducing 4D-style thrill ride animation was our suggestion for Trojans 20-something audience at the Vans Warped Tour, a nationwide punk rock and skate lifestyle event series. As noted, the BUZZ generated was so strong, they were willing to wait 20+ minutes in line to get in. (All Trojan Animations are Telly and Pixie Award Winners)

The buzz-generating Trojan video was created for a custom 40-foot Elumenati Theater Fulldome, wrapped with custom images, and re-christened the TrojanDome. The resulting dome has unmistakable street appeal, while the Trojan condom video – an over-the-top animation coupled with live video – delighted all comers.

We deliberately turned up the vertigo to create a faux-4D ride (the sensation of a ride without a motion platform). Like the rides at Futuroscope, Disney, Universal, etc., we surrounded the viewer with 180º images and flew through, over, under and around.

According to Church and Dwight (CHD, Fortune 500) the immersive video reached about 75,000/year, 2,000 viewers per stop, and that the piece had a halo effect of an unforgettable impression, as opposed to a fleeting one. The outcome is a “high affinity for our brand,” which almost always translates into sales.

The tour staff added that teenagers — not noted for patience — “waited twenty minutes in line just to check it out.” Colangelo added, “It rocks!!!! I love it!!! The boss loves it!! Great job!”

Target Audience: 16 – 24-year olds. They waited 20 minutes in line to see our shows, and did “the wave” as the felt the 4D effects of the ride’s vertigo.

The two Trojan Immersive Videos won winner of two Telly and two Pixie Awards.