Virtual Reality

Our thanks to Iowa State University for allowing us to create the video about their CAVE, as our Virtual Reality sample. The C6 CAVE at ISU displays over 16.7 million pixels per wall (4096 x 4096). Forty‐eight dual‐CPU workstations send images to 24 Sony SRX-S105 digital cinema projectors, providing an intensely detailed, high‐resolution, immersive experience for researchers and other participants. Photo: Cameron Campbell


– “I have been on the Holodeck, and it is wondrous.”


Virtual Reality production visualizes complex data. VR content companies like ours, help architects show a walk-thru, or doctors can conduct an immersive medical demonstration, or engineers, pharmaceutical scientists or mathematicians can explore complex data sets. All of this in a theatrical setting; in a collaborative physical space.

Or a game. Both our business marketers and trainers have had us create customized games to play at critical events, trade show and for online learning.

Whether for business marketing or training, or a Planetarium looking for effective edutainment, you can call upon VR-MAX to produce a virtual reality production for


Our thanks to our friends at Chapel Hill for allowing us to use many examples of their virtual reality production and other immersive media.